Jean offered last year to put in a window in memory of Andrew. PCC discussed the design which she offered and, with minor changes agreed by the family, unanimously agreed to it. It will be placed in the church room in his memory. (The room behind the blue curtains.)

Because of planning regulations it is going to take us a little time to bring this project to completion. Rod has been working on what is known as the faculty application. Church buildings are bound by a unique set of regulations so this task is an essential one.

We expect to be able to offer Rod a little more work in the not too distant future. We have discovered auctioneers prepared to sell our former communion table and desks. These are currently taking up space in the old vestry, causing a few headaches when it comes to lunches for Pram Club. Assuming that the diocese is happy with the items of furniture going to auction, we hope to be able to sell them before the end of the year. We await further advice from the Diocesan Advisory Committee on the right way to part with a communion table.