This morning we will be welcoming Roger Morgan from The Mathetes Trust.

What exactly is The Mathetes Trust? This what they say about themselves on their website.

The Plural of Disciple is Church

Mathetes is the New Testament word for ‘disciple’, and The Mathetes Trust exists to help promote a culture of discipleship and disciple-making within the local church.

Learning to love God and love one another
Learning to live as Jesus lived
Learning to pray as Jesus prayed
Learning to minister to others in the power of the Spirit
Learning to proclaim the gospel in word and deed.

In addition to supporting church leaders and churches in the UK, they work extensively in Africa.

Learning to be a disciple comes through the work of the Holy Spirit. How to be filled by the Spirit, how to hear the Spirit’s voice, how to discern and use the gifts of the Spirit; these are all major themes for us.

Who is Roger Morgan?

Formerly a mathematician in the Engineering Department and head of the Management Studies department at Cambridge University, Roger has spent 24 years in parish ministry, serving first as vicar of St Columba’s, Corby and then as vicar of Holy Trinity, Leicester.

After leaving Holy Trinity Roger spent a number of years working with the UK charity ReSource, focussing on mission and mentoring. Whilst in Cambridge Roger built up a ministry among both students and townspeople, and worked in partnership with Daniel Cozens of Through Faith Missions, planning and leading parish missions all over the country. We have invited him here in the first instance because we want to keep the Holy Spirit at the centre of our Strategic Plan. Planning matters but only God transforms lives.