October 2019 will make the 50th anniversary of the Bristol Uganda Link. “Bristol” is this case refers to the whole diocese. St John’s has been one of the churches most active in developing and maintaining the connections between our two nations and churches.

For historical reasons Swindon is linked with Luweero and the capital Kampala. That thriving city is a huge contrast to the very rural diocese of Luweero. St John’s supported Bishop Eridard financially as a theological student in Gloucester. It was a great investment!

Many people from this church have welcomed Christian visitors from that country into their homes.

We are asking you to do it once again. The accompanying bulletin leaflet has been written by Sally Robertson who chairs of our local Swindon Link. It will tell you all about everything that is happening in October. If you are able to host a Ugandan visitor or couple for about five days, we would love to hear from you. Members of Uganda Fire will be with us for five days. Bishop Eridard and his wife Jane will be with us for the full ten days. Hosting a person from Uganda is a great experience and a faith-building one.