When is this happening?

We will be celebrating this milestone in October. There will be about 30 members of the Church of Uganda in our diocese for these anniversary celebrations. Twelve of them will be part of the music group “Uganda Fire”.

Four will be staying in Swindon for the whole period. And 12 for about five days. So we are going to be looking for lots of accommodation. In addition, we will need four drivers to enable Uganda Fire to get to their various appointments and concerts. It is a big commitment which we will be sharing across the whole deanery.

How will this be financed?

The diocese of Bristol has given £5,000 to the week of celebration. But there are going to be a lot of calls on this money. The airline tickets of almost all of the Bishops will need to be paid for.

The group will arrive in the UK on Friday, 4th October.

The following day (Saturday October 5th) Uganda Fire will be in St Francis’ school in the morning for a Uganda themed morning. This is very close to St Francis’ Day, so it will be helpful to link the two things together. Uganda Fire will play and speak about their faith. Children can learn more about the country and the reasons why we have ad this half-century-long relationship with the people of Uganda.

In the evening we will be at St Michael’s in Highworth for a concert. The church has been totally refurbished inside and will make a great venue for the event. More details will appear as
time goes on.