What happened at the APCM?

We said a big thank you to three PCC members who stood down at the APCM on Monday having served us well over the years. Chris, Tony and Simon were all thanked for their service on PCC over many years. In their place we appointed James, Lesley and Mark.

Rod did an extra year in the role of church-warden. We thanked him for that and for all his service over the years to this church. The indefatigable Sharon was appointed as church warden for her sixth and final year. We were also delighted to welcome as our new churchwarden Sam.

New Leaders

We ought also to point out that David and Viv have taken responsibility for the Prayer Ministry Team for the future. We thank them for all they will bring to that. And we were delighted to welcome Mary as Chair of the Rock Café.

Dee presented a very encouraging picture of the ROCK on Monday evening. Over the years we have had to scale back what we were attempting to do, but we have now found the right balance.

One of the indefinable characteristics of the ROCK is its atmosphere. We just know when it feels right. We are in a good place at present with a strong committee and people keen to see the café work to its full potential. The atmosphere is welcoming. ROCK is in a good place.