This is our first Easter without Rev Andrew Dean. Andrew was ordained in 1995 as a Self Supporting Minister, and preached, celebrated and led worship at both our services for over two decades. More recent members may not remember him so well, because illness confined him the to the 9am service. However, those who knew him remember his exemplary life and the passion with which he proclaimed Christ and served him.

Jean, together with her family, felt that she wanted to mark Andrew’s contribution to the life of St John’s in a material way. She therefore offered to the PCC a stained-glass window in his memory to be placed in the wall at the end of the Church Room. This will take the form of a landscape with the words, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills.”

There are various steps we need to go through in order to put a window in place. We first of all have to get the permission of the DAC, which is the diocesan committee that advises on alterations to church buildings. After that we need to obtain official planning permission from the diocese itself. This is known as a faculty. So there remains a process to go through. But we envisage the window appearing before too long.