Please note this is nothing to do with the Diocesan vision “Creating Connections.”

Forging Connections all about building relationships between Christian organisations working in the town and the churches in Swindon. A coalition of various organisations has come
together including Swindon Night Shelter, Pregnancy Choices, Swindon Youth For Christ, Renew, Willows Counselling Service and so on.

Their aims are:

  • to raise the profile and awareness of organisations to a wider range of churches
  • to forge relationships and communication between us so we can work more closely together
  • to seek new volunteers to serve in our organisations and grow our services
  • to connect people in need of services and the support of the local church
  • to develop our services to the Christian connections to reach more people
  • to create pathways for people to find their way into the local church

This is what they say about themselves.

As organisations and churches we spend a lot of time operating in isolation, unaware of the wealth of services and support provided by Christians. This can leave us disconnected and lacking strength; it is the downside of working separately. By forging connections with each other, by increasing our knowledge and awareness of the resources available we believe we can serve the town better.

There will be a forging connections event on Thursday, 9th May from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at Gateway Church, Stonehill Green, Swindon for those who would like to find out more.