Outline of the Easter 2019 services.

  • Maundy Thursday: 7:45pm – Traditional communion service.
  • Good Friday: 10:00am – Walk of witness, starting at the Boundary House pub car park and walking to a service at Rodbourne Cheney Baptist church.
  • Good Friday: 7:45pm – Prayer and worship around the cross.
  • Easter Day: 5:45am – SonRise service at Barbury Castle.
  • Easter Day: 9:00am – Communion Service.
  • Easter Day: 11:00am – All Age Communion Service with children in mind.

Walk of witness

Our walk will begin at the car park at the Boundary House pub and walk to Rodbourne Baptist church.

SonRise Service

Have you ever thought of coming to Barbury Castle at dawn on Easter Day? It is without doubt a “sacrifice of praise”. In order to be there, you will have to sacrifice your warm bed and a couple of hours sleep. But you will get something infinitely more important.

Christians from all over Swindon will be celebrating the Resurrection of the Son of God together as the day begins to break and the sun comes up over Swindon. We are following in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus and the “other Mary”, who made their way to the tomb while it was still dark.

It is a wonderful sight to see the headlights of so many cars making their way up the hill to the service. If you want to put some spiritual zest into your Easter experience this year, let me encourage you to set your alarm clock and join us.