If you were in church last week you will have heard Liz talking about a weekend for our Challengers group in the autumn. During her time with Care for the Family Liz worked closely
with an organisation called Fellowship Afloat. Their floating centre is a unique location for adventure, relaxation and exploring the environment.

Based on a converted light-vessel called Trinity moored on the coast, it’s an ideal activity venue for young people.

Those of us who enjoyed holidays like this, where faith and adventure go hand in hand will want to fully support Liz and Andy in this venture.

The minimum number of people who will be going is 25. So in addition to our own young people we are looking forward to welcoming those from other local churches. You will hear a lot more about this in the future.

The young people themselves are looking at initiatives for fund raising in order to make sure everyone can go. I am pretty certain they will get strong support.