Cracking down on abuse

Radio 4 last week transmitted a programme from Uganda. The Ugandan Government has taken the lead in the closing down “orphanages” which fraudulently extract money from churches and charitable organisations across the world. Many children in these institutions have parents, who have been promised an education for their children. It rarely materialises.

The Ugandan Government intends to close no less than 569 fraudulent orphanages which exist largely to make money for those who run them. It has also drawn up a list of those homes which meet it standards. We were pleased to see that the Sanyu Babies Home featured in the first category. In other words, it had achieved the highest standard. This will no doubt come as good news to those who have spent time there, and donated to its ongoing work.

What about the future?

The closure of 569 homes will mean massive upheaval for many children. Most, we hope, will be returning to their families. But, there will be others who have no family to go back to.

We thank God that the Ugandan Government has not simply ignored this issue. However, it is easier to close down then to build up. We pray for the many children who will be looking forward to the future with anxiety. We hope to learn more from our friends in Luweero.