There has been a change in the plan. The Pattern Store requires a considerable amount of work both inside and outside. Some of this was expected given the age and condition of the building. In addition, the decision has been taken to change the location of the worship area within the building itself. Instead of being on the first floor as originally intended, it is now going to be situated downstairs, below the level of the main entrance. This is going to require a great deal of work, and the building will not be available for use for several months. The best hope is probably September next year.

What will they do? To begin with there are plans to have a marquee in the car park just outside what was formerly Bottelini’s. Once the holiday period is over, the church will hire a school assembly hall in a school somewhere in Swindon. This will have to be home for the church for the months ahead. The grand opening will take place in the autumn next year.