With the Launch of the Pattern Church, this is a good time for our PCC to be thinking about our own mission and vision. Despite all that is being done in Bristol and Swindon in terms of Resourcing Churches, Bishop Viv firmly believes that there is a place for the local parish church. And we believe that too.

Currently, PCC has been thinking about our future at a conference, and devoted an entire PCC meeting to the subject last week. We do want to thank the members of the Finance Fabric and Governance sub- team. Without their very hard work and conscientiousness, PCC would not be able to focus on the eye vision for the church as we are doing. Raymond will be interviewing one or two PCC members, and we will be inserting items in the bulletin. However, we are going to ask you to be patient until the APCM on 29th April when all will be revealed. It does take time. But it is important to get it right.