The Subsiding Floor in the Lounge and Kitchen Area

The structural engineer has drilled and tested and produced his report. Even after that we still don’t know exactly why we have this problem. We have been aware that the ground has been sinking round the building for fifteen years. The church rests on Oxford clay and subsidence is common in this area.

The good news is that there is no fundamental problem with the foundations or the external walls. They go deeper and rest on the bedrock so the building is secure. There is no need to act urgently.

We have various options in front of us from self levelling screed to underground grouting which would undergird the slab. There is value in assessing the situation and PCC has decided to wait for 6-9 months to see if the floor stops sinking, and to seek the advice of the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) in determining which option or options finally to pursue.

In Andrew’s Memory

Andrew’s family have asked PCC to allow them to place a stained glass window in the church room in his memory. As a member of the clergy for 20 years, treasurer for over thirty years and almost a member of St John’s from its earliest days, the PCC felt it was right that his life should be honoured.

Nothing can be done quickly. Such a window would require a faculty. This is a special permission which churches must have to make changes of this kind. The DAC will need to be persuaded that the window is in keeping with the church’s design and appearance. The family and PCC will talk together with them in the months that lie ahead until we can agree a fitting tribute to Andrew.

The Treasurer

Andrew would be the first to say that he was not irreplaceable. Nevertheless, we always know that replacing him as treasurer would not be easy. We have a number of people covering the treasurer’s role at present in one form or another—but we have no treasurer in place. That situation can only last so long. We are currently moving Andrew’s paper ledger to Excel to make it the task easier for the new treasurer. Thanks to Tony Nash we have a draft budget for next year.