We often regret the fact that so many children in Britain don’t get the opportunity to hear the stories of the Bible from those who really believe them and shape their lives by them. Our links with St Francis’ school mean we can something about that.

We don’t need you to preach, but we do need you to help. Jem Hudson teaches the Big Story of the Bible to children in various parts of the UK and he is coming to St Francis on Thursday October 11.

Jem gives each year group an overview of the Big Story of the Bible in 45 mins. Then they have a chance to take part in a Bible Quiz, dress in Bible times clothes and taste ‘Bible’ foods.

There are two session and the times are: 9:00am to 11.45am and 1:00pm– 3.30pm.

The helpers are needed to hand out the quiz packs and assist with the answers which can be found on his large display boards. They can help the children to dress up and to serve and over-see the food tasting.

About four of the helpers need to be willing to dress up in role as a Bible character and read a short script. This is about half of it:


Hi folks! How would you feel if you were put in a lion’s cage, with not just one, but 5 hungry, roaring lions? I’m Daniel, and a governor in the Kingdom of Babylon, even though I’m a Jew. Many of us Jewish people were brought here as captives from our homeland.

Other governors became jealous of me, and hatched a plot to have me thrown into the lion’s den. They persuaded King Darius to pass a law that stated that if anyone prayed to any god except the king for 30 days, they would be thrown into the lion’s den. Poor Darius! He was so upset when I was found praying to the Living God there in my home, as I always did.