Two hours simply fly by at a PCC meeting. That is not the vicar being sarcastic. It is a fact.

By the time we have done matters arising, discussed the minutes of last meeting, listened to the treasurer’s report, ratified the latest set of policies and considered the subsiding floor or other urgent issues, there can often be very little time to look to the future and think about where the church should be going. Which is what the PCC is really there for.

That is not to say that issues about Finance, Fabric and Governance are unimportant. Far from. It is just that it is so easy for them to take over. They are often urgent . One of our sub-teams devotes itself exclusively to managing this area, so that it doesn’t completely swamp the wider work of the PCC.

On Saturday, 6th October our PCC will be coming together to consider our vision for the future. We want to have the right balance between process and destination. We don’t want to run ahead of ourselves and get to solutions before we’ve established the vision. But the whole exercise must lead to a practical outworking. Otherwise we are just a talk shop.

Who’s going to guide this?

Fortunately we have in Mark and Anna, two people who are familiar with this kind of process. The MLT met with them on Monday evening, and we are excited about the day they have outlined for us. Please pray for your PCC members as we meet from 9:30am to 2pm that day.