Jem Hudson from Foundation Matters is coming to St Francis on Thursday 11th October. He gives each year group an overview of the Big Story of the Bible in 45 minutes and offers the children a chance to take part in a Bible Quiz, dress in Bible times clothes and taste ‘Bible’ foods.

Helpers are needed to hand out the quiz packs and assist with the answers which can be found on his large display boards, to help the children to dress up and oversee the food tasting. The food goes down well and we need to ensure children leave enough for the other classes!

About four of the helpers need to be willing to dress up in role as a Bible character and answer questions. There is no script learning– for example the centurion has his script on the back of his shield. It’s just to make it interactive for the children.

Emmanuel have also been invited to help. This would be a great way for us to engage with children, many of whom will have no contact with a church.

Ideally around 6-8 helpers works well and they could either come just for a morning or afternoon.