Andrew’s funeral service was a truly memorable occasion. I am delighted that a number of you were able to come to the service at Kingsdown or view it on the screens here in church. You shared that experience with those in Canada and in other parts of Britain. Being able to stream the funeral service will be hugely appreciated in future by friends and family members unable to get to a funeral. (Thanks to Paul for arranging it for us.) We managed to fit every single person in church, providing a chair for all those who attended. The worship area, church room and balcony were completely full, and we even had several people sitting in the creche. But no one had to stand.

This huge attendance says as much about Andrew as the words that were spokenduring the service. There was inevitably sorrow at the loss of someone so special to us, but both services were full of hope, with lots of laughter here in church. Bishop Lee and Archdeacon Christine were able to join us to pay tribute to a man who has influenced just in our own church, but in the wider diocese.

It was very interesting to hear testimonies from those who knew Andrew in his work in the insurance industry. They clearly thought as highly of him as we did. I had to smile at the story of the solicitor who said he always had to prepare doubly hard when Andrew was in the room, because he knew that he would get an especially tough grilling.

If you would like to give a donation in Andrew’s memory, please drop an envelope containing your gift into the collection plate indicating whether you would like it to go to the Ministry Aviation Fellowship or to The Prospect Hospice.