Billy Graham, had a profound impact upon the church in Britain. We are all familiar with his invitation to “Get up out of your seat” as he called people to discover new life in Christ.

That kind of instant conversion has a long history in the life of the church. People like Martin Luther and John Wesley came to faith suddenly, remarkably, and in a way that made a deep impact on the way we think about coming to faith. The stories of their instant conversions have been told and retold down the generations.

But, was their conversion really that instant? We shall be looking at that in next Sunday’s sermon. One thing is for sure, – many more people today find faith through being asked, “Would you like to do an Alpha course?” than responding to an invitation to “Get up out of your seat.”

Alpha is not just about finding faith. It is about growing in faith. It is about how I allow my faith to shape my life. And, of course, it is about getting difficult questions answered. We have a number of enquires both from inside and outside the church. Please let Simon or Raymond know if you are interested in finding out more so we can find a start date to suit everyone.

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