Some of our confirmation group this year shared a keen interest in Poldark. You will recall that the latest season started with Capt. Ross swimming out of the sea. I guess it made a change from scything.

John Ortberg in his wonderful book, “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” faced a similar situation.

“Some time ago my wife and I were watching a movie featuring an action star famous for his chiselled physique. For some reason, the poor guy had a terrible time keeping his shirt on, even though the story took place on a snowy mountain and everyone else in the movie was wearing parkas. At one point, as his rippling torso again filled the screen, Nancy looked at him and then took a long look at me. I was nine and a half stone when we met at university. Any weight I’ve put on since then is mostly in the wrong places. She looked back at him then at me and finally said, “You know, I’m just not attracted to well-built men.” I turned this comment over and over in my mind, looking for the compliment that I was certain lurked beneath the surface of what she had said, but apparently it lurked too deep – for I could never find it!”

Want to know what happens next? Read “The Life You’ve Always Wanted