They build stuff

The most obvious area to point out is probably the fabric side. You will notice PCC organised a new car park this year. With Trevor Morton-Holmes taking the lead on that. There is also a major issue with the increasing slope of the Lounge floor. Oh yes – and then there’s the new boiler! So if you are warm and can walk from the car park with dry feet, thank your PCC. That’s why we need the analysts the administrators and people who can deal with the practical side of church life on the PCC. Otherwise we would be in a bit of a mess.

They look out for our children

I am sorry to have to report that no less than 2,600 safeguarding allegations of various kinds are being handled by dioceses in Britain at the present time. It is, by any standards, an appalling figure. PCC works to ensure that our children and vulnerable adults are safe in this church. We have recently appointed Allan Brown as our Parish Safeguarding Officer. If you would like to support his work we need you on PCC.

They Tell the Good News

That’s what we all want to do. PCC has an Outreach sub-team (one of our five sub-teams). You will be hearing more about ideas for sharing our faith in a very short time. Right now – if you have a heart for evangelism, we need you on PCC.

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