Not just about the fabric

If you are wondering what PCC members do, producing the logo on the next page was one part of our work last year. We wanted to distill what we believed God was saying to us into a symbol.

Not just about Haydon Wick

You will have seen last week a letter from Peter and Sally in Paraguay. We believe that supporting mission partners worldwide is a must. It is not an optional extra. If you believe that, we would love to see you on PCC.

Not just about men

With the departure of Jan Webb, Sharon Mortimer and Helen Wheeler are the only two women on PCC. That is really not we want to see. Women will have a different experience of the church, and we need to hear your voice.

Not just about the native British

We have a number of people from overseas in our congregation. We are probably one of the more ethnically diverse churches in Swindon – and we are proud of that. But, while we rejoice to see people from overseas in church on Sunday, we would rejoice even more to see you on PCC.

How do I get on? You just need to find someone to propose and second you, to add your name to the list of those seeking nomination to the PCC.