We did not want to launch our new logo without a word of explanation. PCC has been debating this for quite some time and has run through very many versions of the original idea. First of all, we want to say a big thank you to the communications team and to John in particular for his hard work on this. To try to get a logo that a body as big as the PCC will all agree to was always going to be a major challenge! But, I am delighted to say that we were unanimous in our acceptance of this final version.

The original idea centred around the theme of the lighthouse, which a number of our members felt was God’s picture for us as we look forward following The Quest. A, a simple lighthouse would have been great—if our church were called, “The Lighthouse.” But it might not be very helpful to anybody who was trying to link the logo with this church.

How to make the link

One of the distinctive features of our building is the cupola with the cross on the top of it. This provided the basis for that link. John cleverly took the windows of the cupola and turned them into the lenses of a lighthouse. In addition to that, he inserted a wavy line at the bottom suggesting waves. Just in case anybody failed to make the connection, we felt that it was important to have some words on there as well, explaining exactly who we were.

So this is our finished product. We think it makes it very clear and strong identification of the church. It is imaginative; it says how we see our purpose and our mission; and it picks up on a number of words from God on the lighthouse theme. Although our lighthouse logo been ready for a little while, today seemed to be the right day to bring it out, because symbols are at the heart of our service and sermon. We will be looking at the account of the bronze snake in the desert from the book of Deuteronomy. This has become very powerful logo for a number of medical organisations. Because it is also Palm Sunday, we will each be holding in our hands the supreme Christian symbol– the cross.