Of the 80 million Easter eggs sold in Britain every year, The Real Easter Egg is the only one which has a copy of the Easter story in the box.

It is made of Fairtrade chocolate. The difference the Fairtrade premium makes to the lives of chocolate growers is significant.

250,000 eggs get sold through supermarkets. Three times that many (over three quarters of a million) are sold directly to churches and schools. Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda will all have stocks from the middle of February but only in the larger stores and only in limited quantities. We really need to find a Real Easter Egg Champion to help us buy in bulk directly from the online shop.

Our Champion will make sure people get the information about the eggs, and what they cost. Catherine can help with this. They will need to compile a list of individual orders, and then place a bulk order directly online.

There are various types of egg, but they all tell the story of Jesus and the resurrection.

Please see Mary (c/o the Parish Office) or put your name on the list on the table. They are £3.99 each.