Last week, we announced some news that could hardly be called a secret. The lounge floor has started to sink downwards. That had become obvious to everybody who went in there. Gareth Morris has kindly taken on responsibility for this particular project. We thank him for that and it is good to know that it is in safe hands. This is certain to be an extremely expensive affair. Examinations have not yet revealed the exact cause of the problem. We do know that it is not the drains.

On top of that, we have had the unwelcome news that one of two boilers has died. Just as we were enjoying the wonderful warmth produced by the two recently serviced boilers, one has ceased to function and needs to be replaced. I need not tell you that this is going to be another expensive operation. Fortunately, we have a treasurer who plans for such eventualities. So we’re not going to get cold. Nevertheless, the costs associated with the subsidence in the Lounge and the replacement of the boiler are going to make 2018 the most expensive year for repairs in the history of the church.