And yet another era comes to an end with the departure from the Rock Cafe John and Dee. There are not many people left who have been part of The Rock from the very beginning.

John and Dee have been involved since before the first cup of tea was ever poured. They have sat through countless committee meetings, moved a huge number of tables and chairs, and overcome a great many obstacles, difficulties and challenges throughout that period. It has never been plain sailing and we so appreciate their commitment to the task. However, everything has to come to an end and we want to say “Goodbye” to them officially at our 11am service on Sunday. Thanks to their succession planning, The Rock will not cease to function. The committee has every intention of continuing all the way through 2018 – and beyond.

If you were in The Rock Cafe last Friday morning for the highly successful Christmas in a Bun you will realise there is plenty of life there yet. We hope that John and Dee will be regular visitors on the other side of the counter.