The Quest for a New Bishop

Earlier this year David was invited to be a member of the Vacancy in See committee. That is the group which begin the process of selecting a new bishop. David’s talents for analysis and clarity of thought were quickly recognised, and he was asked to be part of the group which drafted the Diocesan Statement of Needs. This booklet outlines the desired profile of the next Bishop. You will soon be able to read it on the diocesan website.

From the Vacancy in See committee six people are chosen to go forward to the Crown Nominations Commission. (CNC) This is the body which discerns and eventually makes the recommendation as to who should be appointed to the role of Bishop of Bristol. David will be one of those six people. In addition to the six from Bristol diocese on the CNC, there will be three clergy members of General Synod and three lay members.

How does it work?

The CNC will hold two meetings in private, about a month apart early next year. Those meetings will be chaired by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. At its first meeting the CNC reviews the requirements of the diocese and the national church, and draws up a shortlist of candidates to be interviewed. Typically four people are invited for interview.

At the second meeting which takes place over two days, the shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the members of the CNC. The CNC then chooses two names to submit to the Prime Minister who will ultimately recommend one name to her Majesty the Queen.

Support Required

We want to offer our warmest congratulations to David. This is a very significant role and it has a very significant workload to go with it in terms of reading and preparatory meetings. Let’s make sure we uphold him in prayer. I am delighted to say that Network Rail have recognised his contribution to the Church of England, and have allowed him time to undertake this important task, but undoubtedly there will be acute time pressures in the months ahead.

Right now, we just want to say that we are hugely proud of David as a member of our congregation. And we will also want to remember Lizzie as she supports him during this process.