We have an evangelistic opportunity at St Francis School, when dozens of people who do not come to church will gather in the assembly Hall on Christmas Eve to enjoy what is basically a repeat of our own Christingle service. This is the first service we will do in the new parish. So we want it to be a special one. We want to make a gift of Christingles to the children. So that means preparing about 100 Christingle in advance!

We have already done this once for our own Christingle service. Now we want to do it again but starting on the day before Christmas Eve.

So, if anyone is available for an hour on the morning before Christmas Eve (!) it would be wonderful if you could join us in church from 10:30am to 11:30am to get us started. Then we will hope to finish off the rest of the Christingle is off on Christmas Eve between the services and after the 11:00am service.