We hope an additional 100 flat-pack boxes will be here for Sunday. But if not, we have about 40 and you can always start buying your presents for children around the world whose parents simply cannot afford to provide them with the gifts they would love to.

What can I buy?

Cuddly toys Toy Truck ♥ Skipping rope ♥ Yoyo Ball ♥ Small puzzle ♥ Musical instrument ♥ Pens Colouring ♥ Pencils ♥ Crayons ♥ Writing pads ♥ Picture books ♥ Solar calculators ♥ Toothbrush and paste ♥ Hairbrush ♥ Hat ♥ Gloves ♥ Scarf ♥ Sunglasses ♥ Hair accessories ♥ Wind-up torch ♥ Jewellery Set ♥ Sweets (with best before date of at least March 2018)

More gift suggestions here: www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/how-to-pack-a-shoebox.