It’s Harvest Sunday so it must be time to launch the 2017 Jar of Grace Appeal! Last year we received 73 Jars and donations totalling £3,531 including 10 Smartphone and bank transfer donations. Every penny of the money received is given away. Half goes to the work we support in the Diocese of Luweero in Uganda. The other half goes to Tearfund to support their ongoing Children at Risk programme. Millions of children worldwide grow up trapped in poverty, fear or despair, their lives blighted by abuse, war, HIV, or homelessness. We thank God for the nutritious meals we enjoy each day, and we have the opportunity to give special thanks as we drop money in our Jars of Grace between Harvest and Christmas. And for those who regard cash as old fashioned or redundant and who think bitcoins are the future for financial transactions, we will designate three days before Christmas for Smartphone of Grace donations!