Are you ready to respond to the St. John’s prayer challenge? Will you set aside just one hour each month, starting in November, to come together as a church to pray?

We are planning to meet in the first full week of each month in the Worship Area or the Quiet Room in St. John’s. The meetings will be on different days of the week so that those with a particular commitment on one day will be able to attend a meeting on a different day in the following months. And because we want to involve the whole church, we are encouraging the home groups not to
meet in the week of the prayer meeting. Better still, the prayer meetings will be led by the home groups in turn. But these meetings are not just for those who attend home groups but for each and every person who attends St. John’s.

The first of the monthly prayer meetings will be at 8pm on Wednesday 8th November and will be led by Andy and Carol. It will finish at 9pm. The December Prayer Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 4th December and will be led by the Monday afternoon home group. It will finish at 3pm. Thereafter, we will issue a card with the days, dates, times
and leaders of the prayer meetings from January to July 2018.