What has been the biggest challenge for our church over the last 20 years?

I guess you might confidently say, “ It has to be one of our building projects. The kitchen perhaps? Or the balcony? Probably the office and the extension that went with it.”

They were certainly demanding ventures and when we began them, we had no idea whether we would be able to bring them to completion. But beyond those projects something else has made even greater demands. Every single week of the year, we need to provide teaching and learning for our children. That adds up to a vast number of hours. And a huge number of people has been involved in leading groups on a Sunday morning.

The reason it is so challenging is that it is a sacrificial ministry requiring people to give up time they would otherwise spend worshiping in church. The temptation for our leaders must be to say. “Lets scale down the work we do with children. Let’s make it easier.” In fact, they have taken the opposite view. They would like to do more. They long to make it even better.

That is the reason that we are aiming to provide a new group for children on a Sunday morning. We want to make sure that children get taught in the best age range possible. That means there will be a need for assistant leaders. They do not need to prepare anything, but from the point of view of safeguarding and assistance to the main leader, they are now an essential part of what we do.

In addition, one of our leaders needs time out. So if we had someone to cover that slot in Explorers we could proceed much more confidently.

The more people we have the better teaching we can deliver. We are asking you to consider becoming part of our team. Help us to expand the work as we would like to do.

Please contact Raymond if you would like to know more about how you can be involved.