UPDATE: An introduction to Alpha and a sociable evening with food. Followed by the 8-10 week Alpha course from the following Thursday for those who decide to join us. Please pray for this event and consider who you can invite.

We all like to know what we are getting into before committing don’t we?

Many of us within church have been on an Alpha course or at least know a bit about it, but our friends outside church circles are much less likely to have any idea of what an Alpha course is like. It can be a daunting prospect both for us to suggest they sign up, and for them to join an 8 week Alpha Course.

The Outreach and Mission Team thought it would be helpful to run a taster experience of Alpha. Guests can come along for just one evening to hear about it here at St. John’s before deciding whether it is for them. Like dipping their toe in the water……

The Alpha Taster Evening will be on Thursday 28th September (time TBC)

As well as getting the flavour of the Alpha Course, there will be savoury and sweet nibble-style food and drinks to enjoy with the Outreach and Mission team.

The 8-10 week Alpha course will then run from the following Thursday.

Do you know someone who might come along? Could you invite those you’ve already been praying for such as family members, colleagues and friends? Please think who to invite and pray that people will be blessed through this event. Invitations will be available soon….