We had a truly memorable experience of baptism by immersion last week when Raymond and Isaac’s grandfather Adrian baptised Isaac in the pool. If you missed it we will have some pictures to show you soon.

It was great to have the baptistery on the dais right in the centre of the church, so everyone could see and hear. And we were very pleased that the dais was able to bear the strain.

It took John and Trevor just 30 minutes to set it up. That being said it took somewhat longer to fill it with water.

This week, the same baptistery will be appearing as a communion table. It may be that we need to provide a plinth for it to stand on, as we do with the organ and the sound board, just to give it a little more height. But we will have the opportunity to test that out this week. We will be having a communion service both at 9am and 11am this week, so both congregations get a chance to see what it looks like.

After that our PCC will need to decide whether or not we buy the item or not.