Each year divide our giving into seven slices. Technically that means four big slices and four half slices. Willows is already included as one of the four half slices.

There is a lot going on. Willows is currently engaged in a research project with Bath University. They are piloting a potential new way of working with clients who present with significant levels of trauma.

In addition the number and complexity of referrals continues to increase year on year. The team of counsellors stands at 35, but last year a number of very experienced counsellors stepped down.

Willows has been contacted by two agencies who work with victims of human trafficking and modern slavery and who are seeking to access counselling for their clients. Willows is supported not only by churches, but by parish councils. The Haydon Wick Fund has provided grants to subsidise the cost of counselling for clients living in this area. St Margaret Parish Council provides additional grants. It is good to see that local councils recognise the importance of this work.