The Welcome Pack has not been available for the last few weeks. This was originally due to a problem with our PC accessing the file. That has now been sorted, but we have taken the opportunity to bring it up to date.

We really want to make sure that every person who comes to St John’s for the first time, leaves with a Welcome Pack. This will not only provide them with the information they need about the church but will enable us to keep in touch with them. Every Welcome Pack has a card in it, allowing visitors to let us know their name, address, phone or email.

Needless to say, we do not pressurise people to return this. There is no hard sell. But an email address allows us to send a bulletin out on a weekly basis.

Speaking of which: If you did not receive this bulletin by email, it means we do not have your email address. If you give it to us, you will get the full colour version of our bulletin every Friday in pdf format. And it makes it much easier for us to keep in touch in with you throughout the year.