I first heard from Katharine in 1999. She had just started a brand new organisation for single Christians called friends1st. Since then thousands of people have contacted her agency. She is delighted that 200 of them have been brought together by God in marriage.

She recently wrote to say the following

“I started friends1st 17 years ago because I had so many single Christian friends and knew many singles at my church who were finding it difficult to meet other single Christians. I knew it wasn’t just a question of connecting people (although this is key) but of providing a trusted, personal, hands-on service where Christians could get the right support and assistance that would make a difference to their lives.

Since those early days friends1st has gone from strength to strength, remaining as an off–line, very personal, supportive service with thousands of Christians meeting each other across the country – making new friends and finding a loving relationship. Our core value is always the same—providing a good old fashioned introduction service that isn’t faceless.”

www.friends1st.co.uk is the place to find her. You can learn all about how the organisation works and what it costs to join. Katharine only asks that you pass on the information to someone you know.