Well – it pays to be organised! For many years Sharon, Mary and Carol have organised the Senior’s Christmas Lunch, with the aid of a large number of helpers on the day. It takes place in the Haydon Centre, and which continues to be very popular, especially with those who are getting on in years and are unable to get out much. We get a lot of appreciation for running it.

Can we continue to do so?

That is the big question. Leadership is the key. We have plenty of Indians but we need a few chiefs. We have a few months to organise ourselves and the current organisers will be very happy to explain how it all works. So in the first instance it seemed like a good idea to let everyone know the situation. We would ideally like to replace the current organising trio with another. It really takes the pressure off if you are able to plan and work with a small group, rather than on your own. Someone with a catering background could be really useful, but that is not essential.

This year our Senior’s Christmas Lunch will be on Sunday December 2nd and will contain the usual blend of food, worship, and Christmas celebrations. Even better Raymond will no longer have to race back from Bristol in time to speak at it, as Diocesan Synod, which tends meets on that day has been moved to a slot earlier in the year.