What do those letters stand for?

They stand for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Who comes to it?

Anyone who is on the church electoral roll may both attend and vote at the meeting.

Do we have to have one?

It is a legal requirement to hold the meeting. We have to include things like

  • Receiving reports on the electoral roll of the church, the proceedings of the PCC, the church finances, the buildings and property of the church and the work of the deanery synod.
  • Electing people to serve on the PCC and the deanery synod.
  • Appointing an independent examiner for the PCC accounts.

And what else?

The meeting “may discuss anything else of parochial or general church interest.”

Like what?

Like extending our parish boundaries, for example.

And what about these elections?

We are keen that people should pray about being part of the church leadership. The clergy are one branch of the church’s leadership, the MLT forms another and the PCC a third. However, only the PCC has the authority to say what will and what will not happen. So it matters that we get people of vision onto PCC. We can also send four representatives to Deanery Synod.

So how do I become part of the PCC?

You need to get a form from Sharon, and find someone who will propose and second you. Then, if we have sufficient candidates, there will be an election.

Anything else?

That is a meeting that takes place immediately before the APCM. This meeting has only one purpose which is to elect the Churchwardens of the parish for the coming year.

So two meetings in one evening

Yes – but the first is very short.

Will there be subliminal advertising from Lucy about Brexit again this year?

We never imagined how persuasive her campaign would be so the answer is “no”.