Last Friday we had a conversation with Swindon Foodbank. They are keen to establish a new distribution centre in the North of Swindon and were wondering whether we felt able to fulfill that role. Once we had established that storage was not going to be required, we were able to come to an agreement. Lizzie has already offered to head this up, and one or two of you have shown interest. The time will be 10am – 12pm on a Tuesday and training will be given. It is time to put out a sign up sheet, and you will find one in the foyer. We will not be needing a vast number of volunteers but it is important to have enough committed people. Otherwise we might end up like the man in the parable who started building a tower but was not able to finish it.

Swindon Foodbank is in URGENT need of the following items:

  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Juice
  • Toilet rolls

Don’t forget the FoodBank box just to the left of the main doors of the worship area. That is always available to drop items into.