At the APCM on Monday we looked at an innovative approach to full immersion baptism. It is possible to buy a baptism pool in which three adults can comfortably stand, but which transforms itself into an elegant communion table.

Andrew, Trevor and Raymond visited a church in Chippenham a few months ago and saw how it could be transformed from one to the other—and back again.

We would like to take a good look at it before we buy it. It will be in church on Sunday June 18th, when it will be used as a communion table. It will appear in its other form as a baptistery the following week, June 25th, when Isaac King will be baptised.

If you have not been baptised and feel that this is the right time for you to do so, please contact Raymond.

You can see it in action as a baptistery when the Archbishop of York is baptising people in the open air if you go on YouTube and search for “Archbishop York Baptism”.