UPDATE: Peter and Sally Bartlett have written the following:

Dear Everyone at St John’s,

It was great to see you all two Sundays ago. Thank you for your warm welcome.

Thank you very much for your generous donation of £1,693 in 2016 and for your prayer support. Both enable us to continue serving the Lord and the Anglican church in Paraguay.

We pray that the Lord will bless and proper the witness and ministry of St John’s both in Swindon and more widely,

With love in the Lord Jesus,

Peter and Sally

Last week should have been their fourth visit to us but they were snowed in in Doncaster about four yeas ago, and had to return to Paraguay without visiting us. Peter has been Bishop for several years now. His hope, when he finally retires, is to see a Paraguayan national taking over that role.

Sally produces an outstanding Link Letter. How can I get hold of it? You can then request a Link Letter from CMS here. It will come to directly to your Inbox.

Find out more about Peter and Sally here.