We wanted to make sure no one missed the important news last week about our parish area growing dramatically in size. We expect to be taking in large sections of North Swindon, east of Thamesdown Drive.

We did not want to repeat the whole item again here. You can find out more about it by checking your Inbox for the bulletin of 12th March, or, you can take one from the magazine rack.

You can find out even more about this at the APCM on April 24th. Not only will the parish area increase but we will, for the first time, have a church school in the parish. St Francis will find itself inside our parish boundaries. Raymond and Joy already work together on Uganda. St Francis provided us with loads of educational equipment and a dozen footballs which went down really well at Bwaziba school.

There is a lot more to do and many consultations to be had, but some of the most significant decisions do appear to be already behind us.

Our PCC and North Swindon PCC are approaching this in a spirit of harmony.

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