Those of you who were not here last Sunday will want to know the result of the Renewal of Giving as announced at both services. Andrew reminded us, first of all, of the very difficult financial situation we were facing. Offerings had declined by £1,000 per quarter right the way through 2016. We have never experienced that degree of contraction before.

He then factored in the decrease in offerings due to those who had died, moved away or reduced their giving as recorded on our pledge cards. We understand that people’s circumstances change, but this led to a further reduction of £7,642.

This was the biggest fall in offerings in a single year in the history of our church. To say we had a mountain to climb was an under-statement.

However, it was not the end of the story.

There were three pieces of good news.

  • We were able to record new giving of £2,138
  • A number of people had also decided to increase their regular giving. These increases totaled £10,049
  • Four special gifts were received giving us an additional increase of £2,640

When all was put together it meant that we were facing a shortfall of £1,476.

Since Sunday new pledge cards have arrived. This additional giving has changed the figures for the better.

It means that the shortfall at the time of writing is £378.

Andrew summed this up by saying, “It is “the most remarkable Renewal of Giving I have ever known.”

It certainly broke a number of records.

It is not too late to return your card.

Would it not be wonderful if our treasurer could tell us on Mothering Sunday, that we were firmly in the black?