Rock Café Placeholder

Viv is going to be giving up the role of Chair of the Rock Café from the end of May. We thank Viv for her leadership, vision and hard work. Viv helped to introduce number of important changes last September which have made a real difference to how the Rock is run. But for personal and family reasons, she feels it is time to give up that role.

A combination of factors has led the ROCK committee to plan a change to our opening times. The difficulty of recruiting a stable number of volunteers on a Saturday, plus smaller attendances on Saturdays at the ROCK, mean that if future we will focus on Fridays. The ROCK will open on Saturdays for the next two weeks, but after that will revert to a Friday-only opening.

Part of the point of the single day opening is to relieve pressure on the Chair. Making sure the Rock has been fully staffed has always been the biggest challenge and that is especially true when it comes to Saturdays. Fridays have proved much easier to staff. The changes agreed in September mean that we require fewer volunteers each day. So that should make things easier.