If you could not get to the Session on Monday, don’t worry. We are repeating it on Tuesday evening.

Timing: we started at 7.45 pm and found we were a bit tight for time. A request was made for an earlier start at 7.30 pm. This pleased most people, but proved impossible for one or two who could not get there till 7.45 pm.

If you cannot make the earlier start, have a word with Raymond and he will let you have a copy of the DVD or even better email the file directly to you using drop box.

That way, you can watch the DVD at home, and join us in church while it is still playing. We will start at 7.30 pm on Tuesday. Finally, Edna’s home group will be doing Life on the Frontline every Monday at 2pm in the Quiet Room, if you don’t like the thought of coming out in the dark, then that group will give you a warm welcome.