If you have met Ann from the LICC video, then you will know that this is her big question. It is one a lot of us ask. And it is the one that “Life on the Frontline” sets out to answer. A number of us will have met Ann more than once. But there will still be some who have not met her at all. If that is you, take a look at the clip we have shown in church.

On Sunday morning we will be looking at what Neil Hudson has to say about Ann. You haven’t seen that yet. And we will be thinking about where Ann’s life and mine connect. This all forms part of session 1, which is a kind of introduction to the whole subject of whole-life discipleship. It is also why we will be starting with Session 2 on Monday evening.

The more of us who do the course together, the more our thinking about these things will be transformed. That is why we are calling the whole church to be part of this. We are inviting you to come on a Monday evening. We are also asking home groups not to meet during that week, so that we don’t send out a mixed message to church members, or force them to make a choice about what they ought to come to.

The following week, those who could not get to the Monday session will meet on Tuesday in the Quiet Room. And any home-groups who choose to meet that week will be provided with material on the theme of whole life discipleship. We had two training sessions last week for church members who will be helping to lead the evening sessions, so we are ready to launch.

Are you ready to join us?

Would you like to receive those glasses from God which will allow you to see your job, your life, and your ordinary everyday world in a new way?

Coffee will be served from 7:15pm and we start at 7:45pm.

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