Following Raymond’s Quest of last year, the PCC spent some time considering how it could best do its work. It ultimately decided to embark on an entirely new way of operating. This involved meeting together in five different sub-teams. Just to make sure everyone knows what is going on the five teams are as follows:

  • Finance and Fabric: Chaired by Rod
  • Mission and Outreach: Chaired by Simon
  • Communications: Chaired by Jan
  • Prayer and Worship: Chaired by Helen
  • Discipleship: Chaired by Raymond

The aim was not so much to spend less time in meetings, but to make sure that the time we did spend was fruitful, productive and useful.

We hoped that the sub teams would allow to be able to get into issues in a lot more depth. Five sub-teams discussing for an hour and a half means seven and a half hours of conversation about the future. It gives us time to listen to God and one another, that PCC simply could no longer provide.

Does it actually work?

We are still in the experimental phase and PCC will be reviewing the whole process after a year.

Meanwhile, our Mission and Outreach Team has come up with an exciting idea for December. I won’t steal their thunder here. You will learn all about it during the morning services. And our Communications Team will shortly be unveiling our brand new website. Not much lasts long in the world of IT, and what was a great design ten years ago, can start to look dated pretty quickly. The latest version of our website will be going live soon.

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