The Rock Café intends to re-launch on Friday October 7th.

New Times

From Oct 7th The Rock will open for three hours on a Friday and for three hours on a Saturday. Specifically that means from 10:30am until 1:30pm.

Each volunteer will serve for three hours. This will reduce the number of volunteers required on a given day by 50%.

New Menu

Or, to be more precise, the original menu brought back. Over the years, we have expanded our menu to the point where it is no longer feasible to serve everything on there. We will have to put an end to bespoke dishes. Serving individual people with choices not strictly on the menu was getting to be a problem. From now on, we will serve only what is on the menu.

New Staff

It has been nice to see a few new people volunteering, and that is something we would love to see even more of.

New Rota

A diary will be made permanently available and we are asking our volunteers to sign up on the dates they can serve.  We want to see an end the practice of supervisors ringing up individuals. It is not a pleasant task, and can be done away with if volunteers take the initiative.

New Prices?

No – we are delighted to announce that the  prices have not risen at all. The Rock remains not-profit making. It  has also been able to provide financial help to Twigs Community Gardens in Swindon where people with mental health issues can rebuild their confidence.