We really appreciated the number of people who came to our meetings on discipleship. The two meetings were essentially the same in content, but very different in style. Lots of good things came out of both.

Stephen Gaukroger makes the point that no pastor ever needs to be convinced about the value of small groups in church. We all believe that. But somehow the theory does not always fit with the practice. Running groups can be a lot more difficult in a local church than it sounded when it was explained at the conference.

Rather than tell you everything that was said at our meetings in the bulletin this morning, Raymond will take the opportunity to tell you want we all came up with at a future service.

These were not just theoretical discussion. We did make some tentative plans. More about that once we have spoken again to home group leaders and things have been firmed up a bit. Meanwhile, the Discipleship Sub Team will be praying and thinking about all of these things in the days that lie ahead.