The second of our two ROCK meetings will be held on Tuesday (see the diary) . Our aim is to be able not just to restart the ROCK Café, but to do so on a
sustainable basis. We want to make sure we can keep it running.

Our hopes that the answer to previous difficulties lay with a new paid supervisor did not materialise. There were a few other issues that had to be dealt with as well.

The committee has done its best to grasp those nettles firmly, and has come up with wide–ranging plans and ideas. We needed to close to allow enough space for new thinking to be done. And that time has been well used.

We hope that Tuesday’s meetings will leave people with a new sense of confidence in the future of the ROCK.

UPDATE: The Rock Cafe volunteers had the first of their two (identical) meetings last week. The next is on Tuesday 13th September at 11am.

We don’t want to say too much about what took place as it is only right that those volunteers who attend the next meeting should hear all the information directly from the committee.

But it is fair to say that some big nettles have been firmly grasped. Changes have been proposed which will give the Rock a sustainable future. Our aim in closing the Rock was to give ourselves time to think, reflect and plan for the future. The Rock is too valuable to lose. Full details will appear in the bulletin to be issued on Friday 16th September.

The Rock Cafe are meeting together with all of the volunteers to discuss a sustainable way forward for the cafe.

If you are not already a volunteer but would be interested in possibly becoming one or helping by baking, then please do come along to one of the meetings in church (both meetings are the same).

The first one is on Tuesday 30th August at 4pm and the second one is on 13th September at 11am. If you would like to volunteer, but can’t make either meeting do contact Viv or Dee c/o the Parish Office . Prayerfully we plan to open up again, so many people have said how much they miss it.

We can be stronger together!